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How to Start a Rumble Franchise in 2022

Looking for information about how to open a Rumble franchise? Here's what you need to know.


Founded in 2017 in , Rumble is -inspired group fitness designed for all levels. A 45-minute, 10-round full-body boxing and strength workout crafted around specially designed water-filled, teardrop-style boxing bags, Rumble workouts deliver serious results in a fun, high-energy setting.

Its signature 45-minute boxing fitness sessions are a highly orchestrated workout, engineered to the beat of custom hip-hop and dance tracks. The music, lights, program and the collective heartbeat of the room all come together to provide an unmatched user experience and vibe. The company began in the Chelsea section of New York City and has since expanded into Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Palo Alto and San Francisco, with a Chicago location coming soon.

There are numerous benefits to consider in becoming a Rumble owner, including the following proof points.

  • First mover advantage: With a proven concept in several competitive markets, Rumble has extensive market potential. You can be the first to bring Rumble's truly unique and highly efficient boxing-inspired group fitness concept to your local market.
  • Smart investment: Rumble attracts a broad range of membership possibilities, and prospective franchisees can also enjoy low-cost entry, a recurring revenue model, strong EBITDA margins and confidence in a with decades of experience in fitness .
  • Executive model: Rumble's franchise model provides a completely scalable , allowing owners to determine their level of success. Franchisees get the benefit of leveraged development costs and established national vendor relationships to launch successful studios.
  • Extensive support: Rumble believes extensive training drives its franchisee's success. From lease negotiation to build out, recruitment to finance, and sales and , new owners are supported every step of their journey.

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Rumble is part of the Xponential Fitness brands, a curator of leading fitness and wellness brands across every vertical in boutique fitness. With decades of fitness and franchising experience across its team, Xponential Fitness has the resources and network to ensure continued growth and support for its franchise owners.

How much does a Rumble franchise cost?

To open a Rumble franchise, here are the financial requirements, cash required and ongoing franchise fees associated with business ownership.

Initial franchise fee: $60,000.

Initial investment: $393,700 to $4,028,333.

Net worth requirement: $500,000.

Cash requirement: $100,000.

Royalty fee: 7%.

Ad royalty fee: 2%.

Term of agreement: 10 years.

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Rumble franchising doesn't offer in-house financing for candidates but does maintain relationships with several third-party funding sources which offer financing to cover the franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, , accounts receivable and payroll. As a semi-absentee/executive franchise ownership model, Rumble franchises are ideal for candidates of any background that qualify financially. Rumble is looking for franchise owners with basic business skills that can manage and motivate a team.

Why you should own a Rumble franchise

One of the brand's core beliefs is the idea that how you fight is how you live. We all have things we're fighting for in this life, and Rumble is an opportunity to meet these challenges. As a brand, Rumble understands that everyone needs courage, determination, focus and stamina. These are the skills they aim to develop because that's what it truly means to be a fighter.

This is group fitness for the individual. Rumble believes in the power of coming together to fight for a collective goal, but the brand also celebrates what it means to be unique. Rumble was created to shake up the stale norms of the group fitness world and remains committed to its authentic franchise concept.

As the hottest boxing brand in the boutique fitness segment, as well as being part of the Xponential Fitness family of brands, Rumble boxing franchise can leverage an educated market with existing awareness and nationwide demand. In doing so, the brand is providing a sound business opportunity where entrepreneurs can enjoy an outstanding margin business that's ultra-simple to operate.

Rumble is extremely unique in that they offer two franchise ownership models — executive and semi-absentee. No matter which franchise opportunity option owners choose, there's no need for specialized licensed employees as the brand takes certified group training instructors through its patented Bootcamp Bridge training program. Ideal Rumble instructors are performers who can take control of a class but also easily be taught the concepts of boxing if they don't have specific prior experience. Thus, the instructor labor pool is a vast network where spin, yoga, pilates, HIIT or even existing personal trainers can supplement income with Rumble. It's a natural fit to become a Rumble instructor because they already understand kinesiology, anatomy and fitness.

Comprehensive training and extensive, ongoing support are pivotal for your success as a Rumble franchise owner. Here are just a few of the ways Rumble supports its new franchise owners.

  • Real estate: The brand's expert team will guide you through the entire process, from site selection to lease execution, locating the ideal site for your Rumble studio.
  • Construction and design: Let the brand help you navigate through the entire buildout process — from approved layout and general construction to interior design, music and technology. Once completed, the brand leaves you with a curated, multi-sensory, immersive studio with incredible lighting and sound systems.
  • Sales: Enjoy comprehensive and ongoing sales training, monthly calls and expert guidance from pre-sale, through grand opening, and on to sustainability.
  • Recruitment: The quality of the trainer defines a class. Rumble assists in hiring the most qualified trainers, general managers and sales teams.
  • Marketing: The minute you execute your LOI, the marketing of your studio begins with personalized support to ensure you generate maximum leads right away.

Request more information about Rumble boxing franchise opportunities and begin the discovery process for your very own franchise operation.

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