Adam Bornstein

Founder of Pen Name Consulting

Adam Bornstein is the founder of Pen Name Consulting, a marketing and branding agency; a New York Times best-selling author; and the creator of the two12 event.


Resumes & Interviewing

Can't Afford to Hire Great Talent? No Problem — Do This Instead

From more vacation days to less meetings, there are lots of non-financial perks companies can offer to star candidates.

Growing a Business

Worried About a Recession? Do This to Prepare Your Company.

As the economy shifts, ask yourself these four questions.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Cómo averiguar cuándo contratar a un experto o simplemente hacerlo usted mismo

Es posible ahorrar en expertos como abogados, contadores y diseñadores sin poner en riesgo a su empresa.

Growing a Business

How to Figure Out When to Hire An Expert, or To Just Do It Yourself

It's possible to save on experts like lawyers, accountants and designers while not putting your company at risk.

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