Srbuhi Avetisyan

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
Business Development Specialist at CodeRiders

Srbuhi Avetisyan has been in the software-development and digital-marketing industries for three years. Besides helping small and medium-sized businesses find the best custom software-development solutions, she writes articles about the IT industry, entrepreneurship and digital marketing.


Business Solutions

5 Ways to Find a Reliable Software Vendor

Discover how businesses worldwide benefit from software outsourcing and learn the best practices to identify a good software vendor.


Software Solutions for the Business of Travel in 2022

The latest tourism-tech within a pandemic-riddled industry.


Soluciones de software para el negocio de los viajes en 2022

Lo último en tecnología turística dentro de una industria plagada de pandemias.

Science & Technology

The Most Popular Countries for Low-Cost Software Development Outsourcing

The top four destinations where the highest number of companies are outsourcing their software development projects.


Los países más populares para la subcontratación de desarrollo de software de bajo costo

Los cuatro destinos principales donde el mayor número de empresas están subcontratando sus proyectos de desarrollo de software.

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